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About swap.menu

Swap.Menu is client-to-business(c2b) exchanger from Thailand.

Our exchanger was created by a team consisting of miners, IT specialists, marketers and stockbrokers!

On our exchanger over 300 coins and almost 56000 exchange directions.

Our concept is manual processing of orders by our operators!

Why is this the case?

We are now living in difficult times - post-pandemic, sanctions and military conflicts. In such times, hacker attacks and theft of funds from wallets of exchanges and exchangers become especially active.

In order to keep our own and our client's coins safe, we work manually! Hackers do not sleep and break even major exchanges and modern protocols.

While we work 16 hours a day, every day. We will switch to a 24-hour operator exchange as needed.

Our another projects:

1. Maize fork

2. https://coinrank.ninja

3. Escrow service. https://escrowcrypto.online

4. Maize online casino! Go to play! https://casino.maize.farm

5.P2P exchanger with 100 coins https://p2pcoins.exchange

6. Soon starting NFT game Hungry Birds


Enjoy our exchanger!

For easier transactions of chia and its forks, use the "ForkFarmer" application !

Download here https://github.com/ForkFarmer/ForkFarmer

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