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DeFi lending protocol created by ex-QuadrigaCX co-founder surpassed $50M in TVL

Michael Patryn was doxed earlier this year to be the co-founder behind DeFi project Wonderland, w...

26.09.2022, 23:30
Pro-centralization Russian president grants citizenship to Edward Snowden: Report

The views of the NSA whistleblower, who has been in Russia since 2013, seemingly clash with those...

26.09.2022, 22:43
Traders brace for Bitcoin price volatility as DXY 2022 gains near 20%

It's still all about the U.S. dollar this week as the monthly close and options expiry loom for B...

26.09.2022, 22:34
Cardano bulls run out of steam after Vasil hard fork — 40% ADA price crash in play

Most Cardano hard forks have preceded ADA price crashes, and Vasil looks no different. Read more

26.09.2022, 20:30
What Cardano’s Vasil hard fork means for the blockchain

Cardano's Vasil hard fork seeks to enhance the platform's transaction throughput speeds, DApp dev...

26.09.2022, 20:37
5 years of the ‘Top 10 Cryptos’ experiment and the lessons learned

'Index investing can be boring, but it saves you from the worst possible outcomes.' Read more

26.09.2022, 20:04
Almost $1M in crypto stolen from vanity address exploit

The hacker stole 732 ETH worth about $950,000 and sent it to the sanctioned Tornado Cash mixer. ...

26.09.2022, 19:23
Institutional crypto custody: How banks are housing digital assets

Large financial institutions are getting involved in digital assets by investing capital, time an...

26.09.2022, 19:01
3 reasons why USDC stablecoin dropping below $50B market cap is Tether's gain

The stablecoin's top-rival Tether has witnessed growth in its market cap, on the other hand. Rea...

26.09.2022, 18:13
Binance to burn all LUNC trading fees following community feedback

The Binance crypto exchange will burn all trading fees collected on its LUNC/BUSD and LUNC/USDT s...

26.09.2022, 18:05
Charles Hoskinson and ETH dev get into a war of words post-Vasil upgrade

Hoskinson called Ethereum Merge a flawed PoS implementation, claiming custodial staking would cre...

26.09.2022, 17:57
China GPU prices drop to new lows after the Ethereum Merge

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080's price dropped from 8,000 yuan (1118 USD) to 5,000 yuan within 3 mon...

26.09.2022, 16:15
GBP follows Euro: The pound-dollar rate hits all-time low

Reaching 1 GBP = $1.04, the pound has crash-landed, marking a record low against the U.S. dollar ...

26.09.2022, 16:03
'The bond market bubble has burst' — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

A time tunnel to November 2020 opens on BTC price action as the U.S. dollar lays waste to currenc...

26.09.2022, 14:08
Australian pilot CBDC test for eAUD to commence mid-2023: RBA White Paper

The key objectives of the project are to identify and understand innovative business models, use ...

26.09.2022, 13:52
Kraken's incoming CEO: No plans to register with SEC

Dave Ripley says he doesn't see a reason to register with the SEC as an exchange because Kraken d...

26.09.2022, 12:20
Reversible transactions could mitigate crypto theft — Researchers

The proposal puts forward an 'opt-in' token standard that would enable victims to report theft to...

26.09.2022, 10:02
'Grotesquely overpriced' — Apple's App Store wants 30% cut on NFT sales

While the commission is standard for Apple, some have expressed their displeasure at the company'...

26.09.2022, 09:49
Disney seeks corporate lawyer for 'emerging technologies' and NFTs

The role includes 'full product life cycle legal advice and support for global NFT products," amo...

26.09.2022, 08:44
Breaking: Interpol 'Red Notice' issued for Do Kwon — South Korea prosecutors

The Terraform Labs co-founder faces charges in South Korea relating to the crash of the Terra eco...

26.09.2022, 08:35
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