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Blockchain venture capital funding fell to a 12-month low in August

The crypto market downturn continues to impact private funding, but one fund is bullish about the...

22.09.2022, 22:15
Fed interest rate hike rattles the crypto market: Dig deeper with Market Talks

The Fed has once again increased interest rates by another 75 basis points. Join us as we discuss...

22.09.2022, 22:00
South Korean gov has confiscated 260B KWR in crypto for non-payment of taxes since 2021

The country began seizing crypto to offset tax arrears last year. Read more

22.09.2022, 21:30
This Bitcoin long-term holder metric is nearing the BTC price 'bottom zone'

Bitcoin accumulation is in full swing during the downtrend despite BTC price having more room to ...

22.09.2022, 21:03
Russian officials approve use of crypto for cross-border payments: Report

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev said the policy describes "how to acquire cryptocurrency, ...

22.09.2022, 20:46
Ethereum post-Merge hard forks are here: Now what?

The Merge marks a turning point for the Ethereum network, but what are the consequences of switch...

22.09.2022, 20:33
Toss in your job and make $300K working for a DAO? Here’s how

'The collaboration-maxi nature was a welcome breath of fresh air.' Read more

22.09.2022, 20:03
UNICEF Giga NFTs to connect schools in developing countries to internet

The popularity of NFTs drives fundraising experiments for UNICEF's Giga initiative to connect mor...

22.09.2022, 19:15
GEM Digital commits $50M to ParallelChain Lab for L1 protocol development

As a proof-of-stake layer-1 protocol, ParallelChain intends to deliver an architecture that opera...

22.09.2022, 19:00
Metaverse graphics aim for community and accessibility — Not realism

Metaverse graphics have been questioned in terms of quality, but industry experts explain that im...

22.09.2022, 19:07
Coinbase enters the Netherlands with central bank approval

U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase is approved by De Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank of the...

22.09.2022, 18:29
Binance establishes Global Advisory Board to work on regulatory and political issues

The former United States Senator Max Baucus will be leading the board that includes 11 other prom...

22.09.2022, 18:24
How to stake Fantom (FTM)?

An alternative to Ethereum, Fantom is a layer-1 blockchain on which you can stake Fantom (FTM) to...

22.09.2022, 18:00
Chamber of Digital Commerce gets approval to join the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit

The crypto advocacy group is granted the status of "the friend of the court." Read more

22.09.2022, 17:13
Ethereum risks another 10% drop versus Bitcoin as $15.4M exits ETH investment funds

Macroeconomic factors and centralization concerns are putting pressure on Ethereum's price post-M...

22.09.2022, 17:05
Regulated fintech in Bahrain enables crypto payments with Binance

The Central Bank of Bahrain gives the nod to EazyPay, launching crypto payments for more than 5,0...

22.09.2022, 16:10
OpenSea implements a new protocol that ranks NFT rarity

The OpenRarity project was a collaborative project between various NFT community entities, includ...

22.09.2022, 15:51
Opera browser integrates Elrond blockchain services to bolster Web3 adoption

Elrond is one of the first carbon-negative blockchains in Europe, and its integration with Opera ...

22.09.2022, 15:00
How Bitcoin ATMs in Greece fare during a record-breaking tourist season

Despite record-breaking numbers this past summer tourist season, the local crypto scene in Greece...

22.09.2022, 13:34
Tornado Cash left a void, time will tell what fills it — Chainalysis chief scientist

There's a hole to be filled where Tornado Cash once was, and 'junior mixers' are vying for positi...

22.09.2022, 11:58
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