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Game7 allocates $100M in open-source technology grants for Web 3.0 gaming companies

"We're looking to support teams building innovative open-source infrastructure that can accelerat...

29.11.2022, 00:12
Crypto fund investment still dominated by the United States: Database

Crypto database shows that most firms are venture capital at 52.8%, followed by hedge funds with ...

29.11.2022, 00:14
BlockFi files for bankruptcy, as many expected, cites FTX collapse for its troubles

The crypto lender was previously "rescued" by FTX following the LUNA stablecoin collapse. Read more

28.11.2022, 22:59
Tokenized government bonds free up liquidity in traditional financial systems

There are a number of benefits associated with tokenized government bonds, yet adoption may take ...

28.11.2022, 22:33
Bitcoin will 'teleport' to $14K or worse if BTC breaks $16K — analyst

Bitcoin faces pressure from China, a stock market trend in addition to the FTX fallout. Read more

28.11.2022, 22:34
Metaverse is a new frontier for earning passive income

Those looking to earn passive income in the metaverse have several available options, but how pro...

28.11.2022, 21:34
Binance CEO explains 127K BTC transfer, points at proof-of-reserve audit

A few weeks ago, Binance CEO declared that exchanges moving large amounts of crypto to prove thei...

28.11.2022, 20:49
Bitcoin is the king of crypto brand awareness for Aussies: Report

The IRCI report states that Australians still believe in Bitcoin and that the boomer demographic ...

28.11.2022, 20:55
Aave temporarily freezes lending markets to fend off further attacks

The temporarily frozen lending markets include twelve Ethereum-based tokens and five stablecoins....

28.11.2022, 19:49
How Web3 resolves fundamental problems in Web2

Web3 is the next-era internet based on decentralized architecture and some innovative concepts. F...

28.11.2022, 16:45
Line shuts down crypto exchange to focus on blockchain and LN token

The Japanese messaging giant will still continue to support its Line blockchain ecosystem and the...

28.11.2022, 16:50
FTX collapse put the Singapore government in a parliamentary hot seat

The opposition party MPs has questioned the credibility over its failure to protect retail invest...

28.11.2022, 16:20
New BTC miner capitulation? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin miners face a shakeout, one metric warns as the November monthly close looms for BTC. Re...

28.11.2022, 16:05
FTX collapse drives curiosity around Sam Bankman-Fried, Google data shows

In November, the crypto community investigated and found SBF guilty of manipulating and misapprop...

28.11.2022, 15:33
AAX exec leaves the crypto exchange amid ongoing operational halt

Former AAX executive Ben Caselin said that his role in the firm became hollow and that the trust ...

28.11.2022, 15:41
Three Arrow’s Su Zhu reveals latest attempts at a comeback post-FTX

The fall of FTX appears to have brought back certain crypto "villains' out from hiding, one even ...

28.11.2022, 13:27
FTX under 'active' civil and criminal investigation: Bahamas AG

Bahamian Securities Commission, the Prime Minister's financial intelligence unit, and a financial...

28.11.2022, 13:33
Dogecoin jumps after Elon Musk shares glimpse into Twitter 2.0 plans

Dogecoin investors continue to be hopeful that Musk's vision for Twitter 2.0 will include some fo...

28.11.2022, 12:25
Bizarre $600K Elon Musk crypto statue marketing stunt falls flat

Elon Musk has not made any public comments regarding a bizarre $600,000 monument of him as a goat...

28.11.2022, 11:26
Crypto Twitter calls for calm after wETH insolvency joke goes viral

Ethereum bull Anthony Sassano and Gnosis co-founder Martin Ku00c3u00b6ppelmann were among those e...

28.11.2022, 10:01
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